"Prey for the Hunter" is the third episode of Birds of Prey. It aired on October 23, 2002.


Helena and Reese clash when they both try to track down a serial killer who destroys metahumans by usurping their powers. Meanwhile, Dinah skips going to school when she learns from Helena that there is a metahumans-only bar. And Barbara meets boyfriend Wade's parents, who think she is not normal enough for their son.[1]



Guest starringEdit



  • "Revolution" - Aimee Allen ("My Remedy" on home media release)
    • Opening credits.
  • "Malt Liquor Revelation" - Little Hercules
  • "Pretty Loser" - Mommy and Daddy
    • Dinah visits the secret bar.
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
    • Helena scolds Dinah for visiting the bar.
  • "Anything but Ordinary" - Avril Lavigne (unknown on home media release)
    • Helena, Dinah and Barbara have a talk atop the clocktower.


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